Storm Damage Photo Gallery

storm flooding of commercial retail space

Types of Water that Damage Your Home or Business

When considering a solution to your commercial or residential property water damage, our SERVPRO technicians will access what type of water caused the damage. This assessment will help our crew make the most effective plan for cleaning and removing the water, drying, mitigating and sanitizing the damage and repairing and restoring your property and contents correctly.
When your East Windsor property suffers a water damage there are 3 types of water that could have caused your property damage, including clean, grey and black water. Understanding what type of water is affecting your property is critical to ensuring proper cleanup and restoration services.

mold and rotted building materials after extended water damage

High humidity causes continued damage in Mercer County home

Rapid water extraction and mitigation is key to avoiding continued water damage and high humidity concerns in your property that can lead to mold growth and structural damages like rot. High humidity and secondary water damageoccurs when the moisture on and in the wet materials begins to evaporate, saturating the surrounding air. Previously unaffected materials now take on moisture. Early signs of high humidity damage include condensation forming on walls, ceiling tiles sagging from high moisture content and paper stock taking on moisture to the point it cannot be used for copying.
This damage is reduced by controlling the relative humidity inside the building through the use of high-capacity dehumidifiers. Quick action at this stage will keep the moisture content of the building material and contents below the threshold at which they will support microbial growth.

ceiling water damage from storm water

Storm and Flood Damage

Flood damage from storm tides affected rooms in this New Jersey home. The rising water caused extensive water damage and the home needed some demolition before the restoration and replacement could be completed. Our SERVPRO of East Windsor crew tossed the flooring materials and gutted the non-salvageable drywall. This effort allowed for proper drying and the customer to eventually feel "Like it never even happened."

drying equipment setup during restoration services

Storm Damage to Retail Store Room

SERVPRO of East Windsor arrived at this commercial property when it had an inch or so of standing water.  We extracted the water and got to work removing the water damaged materials. Once all the wet materials were removed we set up the drying equipment. We are trained and certified to take the proper care while working quickly and efficiently to guarantee as little down time as possible following a water loss.

ceiling water damage from storm water

Storm Damage – Commercial Building

Storm Damage at this New Jersey commercial building was created by high winds from a powerful storm. A section of the building's roof was ripped off, and rainwater made its way into the interior of the building damaging insulation, ceiling tiles, and the walls and flooring.

SERVPRO is New Jersey’s Go-To Company for Frozen Water Damage Issues.

Arctic temperatures can cause pipe bursts during winter, our SERVPRO of East Windsor crews are available with 24-HOUR Emergency Service.

Residential storm damage from plumbing, flooding leaking can become a serious problem on a cold winter evening. Our crews are available to cleanup and restore your home or apartment following water damage quickly and effectively. Prompt action and trained professionals can almost completely reverse all your flood damage.