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disinfecting services for commercial spaces

Fighting a Pandemic with Professional Cleaning and Disinfecting for Mercer County

SERVPRO professionals have been helping local communities across the country flatten the curve performing residential and commercial deep cleaning and disinfecting services. In response to the coronavirus crisis, SERVPRO offers proactive and reactive cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection options for commercial and residential properties with the goal of minimizing the transmission of emergent viral pathogens, including the coronavirus.

SERVPRO is here to help our New Jersey community with deep cleaning during this time of crisis, call us for disinfecting service information.

contaminated water leak in commercial bathroom

Contaminated Water Removal and Restoration: Here to Help with Commercial Property Disasters

When your Mercer County commercial bathroom suffers a sewage backup it can be a messy disaster. SERVPRO teams are equipped to provide deep cleaning and disinfecting services to neutralize the contamination. SERVPRO trucks are stocked with extraction and drying equipment to get started with emergency mitigation and property restoration services quickly following damage from contaminated water sources. That, combined with our experience in controlled demolition, can quickly protect your home or business from contamination, pathogens and bacterial threats that can often exist after contaminated “black water” property intrusion.

Advanced technology thermal imagery for water damage detection for commercial water loss

Locating Hidden Water throughout your Mercer County Commercial Building

Our SERVPRO professionals have IICRC certification and extensive training to handle all facets of water loss recovery in businesses throughout our area, and our technicians also work to double check to ensure success during the restoration process.

Our restoration specialists utilize infrared technology and thermal imagery to assess the full extent of the damage that your property has suffered. The technology can show our technicians areas where water might still exist based on a temperature difference. This process can ensure that the damage has not reached other areas of the building and confirm the completion of the restoration process.

Commercial water damage to business kitchen, air movers and fans to dry floor and walls

Water Damage Discovered in Business

The staff of this business came in Monday to discover a flood that was caused by a pipe burst. SERVPRO of East Windsor was able to respond quickly and stop the damage from escalating.  Our technicians used dehumidifiers, industrial fans and water extractors to dry out the affected office damage and allow the company to continue operations as normal.

Our New Jersey team of SERVPRO technicians put years of training, experience, and specialized equipment to work for you after a commercial property water damage, ensuring the removal of all remaining moisture and a fast, effective drying process that you can count on. 

Fire damage to interior and exterior of school broken windows, soot and smoke damage

SERVPRO Fire Damage Restoration Team Repair Local Mercer County School After Extensive Fire

Fire, smoke and soot damage is very destructive to any Commercial Building, but when it jeopardizes a municipal facility such as a school it can have devastating consequences to the local community. The extent of the fire damage, whether aesthetic or structural, will determine how much work must be performed to restore the property to its previous condition and return the facility to a safe and operational.

SERVPRO teams work quickly, ready to tackle the aftermath of the blaze with advanced technology and training to cleanup and restore local schools, government offices and other town and city building across New Jersey.

School technology room showing signs of fire damage including soot and smoke damage on furniture and structure

Fire Restoration services for New Jersey school after an electrical fire

SERVPRO teams work quickly, ready to tackle the aftermath of the blaze with advanced technology and training to cleanup and restore local schools, government offices and other town and city building across Mercer County. Once the evidence of the fire damage has been neutralized, our SERVPRO technicians will begin the restoration and rebuild phases. We can replace drywall or carpeting that was too damaged to save through cleaning. Our SERVPRO professionals access every room and give a detailed report of what it will take to return your commercial property to its preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."